Vacancy Status

Occupancy at Bob's Place is based on availability. To be considered for residency, you may submit an application.


To assist and support recovering alcoholics & addicts by offering an environment that fosters the discipline, responsibility and spiritual training needed to resume life after treatment or relapse.


In 1998 Jeff West and David Simmons got into the house flipping business. They bought, and refurbished one property that they broke even on. They later ran across a great little house off of Haywood Lane that needed a bit of work but could be a great business opportunity. So they purchased the house and went to work. David decided to stay at the house and work on it after he came home from his 9 to 5.

Jeff and David had been childhood fiends and had found recovery around the same time. Being in recovery it is suggested to go to meetings regularly and make yourself available to help newly recovering people when and wherever possible, "pass it on".They started to run into people who needed assistance and they began to offer them an affordable place to rent. Slowly it became apparent that turning a profit on this house was less important than the opportunity they could provide to someone in need, Bob's Place was born. The name reefers to a mentor that the house is dedicated to.

In 2005 David decided to focus his pursuits on other service oriented goals. Shortly after Jeff asked a former resident James McDonald if he would like an opportunity to give back to something that had given him so much. James jumped in taking up were David had left off.

To date Bob's Place has given hundreds of people an chance to start over. We aim to continue to be there, and play our role in attempting to help, one person at a time, "one day at a time".

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